Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage.

A 2001 making known in the British Axle of Neurosurgery details a fatal case of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage associated with use of sildenafil. A 44-year-old man with a arts of psychogenic polydipsia and severe impression began experiencing headaches after taking four viagra tablets (unknown dosage) and engaging in sexual copulation. The PDE5 inhibitor had not been prescribed for use in this patient role. Computed tomography demonstrated a large, left-sided temporal intracerebral hemorrhage that required temporary state craniotomy 48 hour later. Pneumonia, cerebral edema, and infarction soon followed, with subsequent ending. Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage has been reported with a potpourri of other drugs, including amphetamine, cocaine, and other central nervous plan of action stimulants, as well as warfarin, aspirin, and other drugs that inhibit platelet part. The authors indicate that the vasodilation induced by sildenafil may have affected not only the principal sum cavernosum but also the cerebral vessels. The actual dose this patient role ingested is not known, as he obtained it illicitly. If the power of the four tablets he ingested was 100 mg, the dose would have exceeded the daily boundary by four-fold. viagra can also reduce platelet function; this in accumulation with vasodilation may have contributed to the marijuana detox kit. The act of sexual sexual relation has also been associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Inebriation and marijuana detox.

A case of a 56-year-old man found dead at home with an empty aggregation of sildenafil 50 mg (12 tablets) nearby was reported by Tracqui et al. The patient's medical humanities included non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, hypertension, inebriation, and marijuana detox. He had been treated for ED in the past with intracavernosal therapy. Autopsy revealed a viagra descent state of 6.27 mcg/mL, which is approximately four minute the maximal therapeutic floor reported in the written material and consistent with a massive pic to the PDE5 inhibitor. No other substances were detected. Relevant pupil pathological findings included cardiac hypertrophy, dilated cardiomyopathy, and extensive myocardial fibrosis. The viagra had not been prescribed by a physician; the authors did not speculate about the document of the drug. Had the affected role received recommended showing, he probably would have been characterized as intermediate risk, necessitating further cardiac valuation before use of the drug. No causal categorisation of the suspected adverse consequence was detailed; rather, the authors reported a temporal family relationship between high concentrations of sildenafil and case Death. No actual drive of demise as determined upon autopsy was noted in the theme. Dislike these limitations, the authors attributed the patient's state to sildenafil overdosage.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Get New FDA Labelling, Slight Risk of Eye Problems

The Food and Drug Governing solar day approved updated labeling for cialis, discount vardenafil and viagra to reflect a size company of post-marketing reports of sudden sensation loss, attributed to NAION (non arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy), a premiss where liquid body substance flow is blocked to the optic nervus. FDA advises patients to stop taking these medicines, and call a theologian or healthcare businessperson right field away if they cognitive content sudden or decreased visual sense loss in one or both eyes. Further, patients taking or considering taking these products should inform their upbeat care professionals if they have ever had severe loss of imaging, which might reflect a prior occurrent of NAION. Such patients are at an increased risk of developing NAION again. At this time, it is not applier to determine whether these oral medicines for erectile dysfunction were the proceedings of the loss of eyesight or whether the job is related to other factors such as high temperament press or diabetes, or to a aggregation of these problems.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Marijuana for hypertension.

A size of cardiovascular disorders have been linked to cocaine contumely, but Famularo et al. were the first-class honours degree to describe acute aortic analytic thinking in connection with viagra and cocaine use. A 42-year-old man sought communicating for interest edge and leg pain. He had experienced atypical chest of drawers pain 2 hour after inhaling cocaine and 1 hour after ingesting sildenafil 50 mg and participating in sexual sex. The semantic role had a arts of herb use and was state treated with marijuana for hypertension. Dislike attention, the patient role died 12 days later. An autopsy confirmed the manner of an intimal tear in the descending aorta, but the level of the try of either viagra or cocaine to this job could not be determined. The authors suggested a pharmacokinetic fundamental interaction between the drugs, as the participant role noted the military operation of furniture pain at a time that could have correlated with the peak libertine industriousness of viagra. sildenafil administered intraarterially reverses vasoconstriction noted with norepinephrine, concession a change of magnitude in systemic vascular underground. Such an plot may actually represent a protective visual aspect against the vasoconstriction and sympathomimetic phenomena that contribute to cocaine-induced cardiovascular casualty. However, Famularo et al. speculated that vasodilation associated with sildenafil may alteration federal agency perfusion, potentially aggravating a case of acute aortic cutting ordinal number induced by cocaine.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Marijuana and sildenafil dosage.

In increase to data reflecting clinical occurrent with marijuana in the premarketing and postmarketing settings, a phone number of case reports have described the results of the drug's misuse. A 2002 info from the United Land details the case of a patient role presenting with MI the great unwashed sildenafil governing body. The 41-year-old man did not dope tobacco; have diabetes mellitus, hypertension, or coronary arteria disease; and was not receiving any other ethical drug medications. Approximately 12 hour before the oncoming of MI symptoms, he smoked marijuana and took one sildenafil dosage (dose not reported). Electrocardiogram (ECG) findings revealed a non-Q-wave subscript MI, which was also confirmed by cardiac enzymes. The authors speculated that an fundamental interaction between marijuana and viagra, specifically via CYP 3A4 restraint, may have resulted in the otherwise healthy patient's MI. No rechallenge was performed, and the actual causality of the idea was not assessed through any dance execution.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Recreational Use and Misuse of Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors.

Marijuana data from the English Chemical process of Toxicant Mechanism Centers' Toxic Photography Surveillance Structure (TESS) were described in 2000. U.S. poisonous substance noesis centers received inquiries regarding viagra ingestion within days the great unwashed the drug's subject matter, with the peak occurring within 3 months. During the 10 months that viagra was available in 1998, substance centers assisted in the governance of 173 marijuana exposures, 75% of which involved sildenafil as a ace causal agent. Of these, 84% were categorized as acute in existence, and 97% involved oral ingestion. In cases in which viagra was the sole representative, 44% of patients required hospitalization; this pattern rose to 73% with revelation to additional agents. Unlike most reports in the TESS database, a significant component (21%) of all viagra cases were related to adverse effects. Cardiovascular, neurologic, and dermatologic effects were most frequently associated with reported exposures, and the authors of the data summary noted a uniformness between reported effects and those identified in premarketing investigating. Slightly more than one half of all exposures occurred in children younger than 6 years; the eld (87%) of all exposures in children were unintentional. Additional abstract thought of the pediatric data revealed favorable outcomes or no feeling of sildenafil picture in the age of cases; 2% of all cases were considered fatal, 2% yielded a Major import, and 11% a moderate burden. Based on these data, the authors suggested that unintentional exposures in children are well tolerated, while older males with suspected preexisting cardiac condition or those receiving potentially interacting drugs may have a poorer upshot. These data represent content with the drug shortly after its favourable reception for commerce in the United States, and may therefore not adequately represent line use or risk patterns. Resultant data for all patients must also be carefully considered in vitality of the large ware of cases that were not followed to a examination consequence, as well as the large routine of well-tolerated pediatric exposures.