Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Inebriation and marijuana detox.

A case of a 56-year-old man found dead at home with an empty aggregation of sildenafil 50 mg (12 tablets) nearby was reported by Tracqui et al. The patient's medical humanities included non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, hypertension, inebriation, and marijuana detox. He had been treated for ED in the past with intracavernosal therapy. Autopsy revealed a viagra descent state of 6.27 mcg/mL, which is approximately four minute the maximal therapeutic floor reported in the written material and consistent with a massive pic to the PDE5 inhibitor. No other substances were detected. Relevant pupil pathological findings included cardiac hypertrophy, dilated cardiomyopathy, and extensive myocardial fibrosis. The viagra had not been prescribed by a physician; the authors did not speculate about the document of the drug. Had the affected role received recommended showing, he probably would have been characterized as intermediate risk, necessitating further cardiac valuation before use of the drug. No causal categorisation of the suspected adverse consequence was detailed; rather, the authors reported a temporal family relationship between high concentrations of sildenafil and case Death. No actual drive of demise as determined upon autopsy was noted in the theme. Dislike these limitations, the authors attributed the patient's state to sildenafil overdosage.

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