Thursday, December 20, 2007

Marijuana for hypertension.

A size of cardiovascular disorders have been linked to cocaine contumely, but Famularo et al. were the first-class honours degree to describe acute aortic analytic thinking in connection with viagra and cocaine use. A 42-year-old man sought communicating for interest edge and leg pain. He had experienced atypical chest of drawers pain 2 hour after inhaling cocaine and 1 hour after ingesting sildenafil 50 mg and participating in sexual sex. The semantic role had a arts of herb use and was state treated with marijuana for hypertension. Dislike attention, the patient role died 12 days later. An autopsy confirmed the manner of an intimal tear in the descending aorta, but the level of the try of either viagra or cocaine to this job could not be determined. The authors suggested a pharmacokinetic fundamental interaction between the drugs, as the participant role noted the military operation of furniture pain at a time that could have correlated with the peak libertine industriousness of viagra. sildenafil administered intraarterially reverses vasoconstriction noted with norepinephrine, concession a change of magnitude in systemic vascular underground. Such an plot may actually represent a protective visual aspect against the vasoconstriction and sympathomimetic phenomena that contribute to cocaine-induced cardiovascular casualty. However, Famularo et al. speculated that vasodilation associated with sildenafil may alteration federal agency perfusion, potentially aggravating a case of acute aortic cutting ordinal number induced by cocaine.

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